Befaszczot – partnership inspired by history

Befaszczot is the largest and oldest brush manufacturer in Poland and one of the oldest manufacturers of these commodities in Europe. The Bielsko-Biała plant has been operating in the same place since 1876, producing invariably the same range of products.

Our brushes were used at the Viennese court of Emperor Franz Joseph, and the Bielsko-Biała factory can boast of the title of the “Provider of the Imperial Court in Vienna.” The body brushes were also used vigorously by the famous Polish writer and painter Witkacy who praised the health benefits of their use in his letters to his beloved. He enthusiastically described their health properties in his works (“Unwashed Souls”, “Drugs”), discussing the daily hygiene issues. In its long history, the factory experienced a lot of difficult times surviving, among other things, the turmoil of war. It is with admiration that we remember the devotion of workers who returned to the factory after the end of every war to safeguard its possessions and continue the business.

In 2001 and 2003, our shaving and other brushes were brought to the Vatican. The products prepared specially for Pope John Paul II were handed over to him personally during individual audiences.

We are proud of the historical achievements of the brush factory in Bielsko-Biała. We are doing our best to honourably write the new chapters of its history.


Befaszczot has been manufacturing high quality brushes and brooms since 1876, providing the stakeholders with flexible and partnership cooperation and fulfilling its duties as a stable employer. Through its support for the disabled and extensive CSR activities, the company implements the sustainable development strategy.


The company offers a wide range of quality products for a variety of purposes: from interior finishing and renovation, cleaning, through footwear and clothing care, to skincare and hair styling. Befaszczot’s offering includes brush products distributed under its own Favorite brand (registered at the end of the 19th century). At the same time, the factory completes individual orders for customers across Europe. The products are manufactured only in the Polish factory using high-quality materials and components, caring for the environment, the history of the site, the memory of the factory founders and, above all, the employees. 

Befaszczot has been a sheltered workplace for 45 years; more than 80% of employees have valid disability status.

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