Cleanliness and hygiene are of primary importance in places such as farms which deal in milk delivery and dairies. Very important in these establishments is the careful cleaning of milking containers and milker machine buckets and so we have manufactured brushes for cleaning containers especially designed for this purpose. Milker buckets and containers must be sterile clean, so that the milk stored in them does not spoil and is always of the highest quality. Milker buckets and containers are specialized equipment used in the production of cow’s milk. The containers wash brushes we offer, the so-called figure-eights, have, as the name says, a specific shape, tailored to be held comfortably with the hand and specially designed to clean the containers and milker buckets. Milk containers have narrow collars, so the special cutouts in the holder of our containers cleaning brushes , make it easier to reach all their nooks and crannies.

Brushes for cleaning containers – indispensable on farms and dairies

As a Polish brush manufacturer , we offer high quality containers cleaning brushes . These tools are distinguished by a completely ecological finish. It is worth remembering that these products are used for cleaning dairy dishes, which come into contact with liquid consumed by humans, so it is advisable to make them as safe as possible. The containers cleaning brushes we manufacture are very carefully crafted, and exceptional attention is paid to the best materials used in their production. As the best brush manufacturer , we strive to make our products world-class, so it is important for us to protect the environment. We use mainly natural materials. This is very important, especially for products such as containers cleaning brushes .

Brushes for cleaning containers – eco-friendly tools

As a reputable brush manufacturer , we offer only products that are safe for people to use. Therefore, we pay special attention to the quality of products, such as containers cleaning brushes , which indirectly come into contact with food. The brushes we recommend are made entirely of environmentally friendly raw materials. Their bristles are 100% tampico cactus fiber. The holders of our containers cleaning brushes are made of very durable beech wood which has been well-protected against damage. Our brushes are resistant to high temperatures and detergents. These products are extremely durable and easy to keep clean.