Our product portfolio also includes professional wallpaper brushes . As the best brush manufacturer in Poland, we strive to create a product range that meets all the needs of our customers. Wallpaper brushes are an indispensable tool in any wallpapering process. Their main task is to press the wallpaper evenly against the walls, which enables perfect final results. Wallpaper brushes have a considerable width and are quite narrow. This design makes it easier to work with them. Pressing wallpapers with these tools is done once on a large area, thus removing air bubbles under the wallpaper and excess glue. We offer wallpaper brushes , with the help of which, wallpaper is laid professionally and lasts longer on the walls.

Wallpaper brushes – professional and durable tools

The wallpaper brushes we offer come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different types of surfaces. Smaller brushes are ideal for pressing wallpaper in hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and angles. Large brushes work well on larger surfaces and increase the speed and efficiency of the wallpapering process. It is worth investing in professional wallpaper brushes to get the best results and enjoy a beautiful new interior design. As a Polish manufacturer of brushes , we strive to ensure that our specialized products meet all construction standards. The brushes we offer are products made of the best quality, selected materials. They are highly resistant to external factors and intensive use.

Brushes for pressing wallpaper to the walls – helpful during renovation

Our wallpaper brushes are designed and created to make it easier to wallpaper walls, ensuring a durable and aesthetic finish to a given interior. Thanks this product, the wallpaper surface adheres evenly to the wall, and any creases are eliminated. With our brushes, the process of wallpapering is faster, easier and more precise. The holders of our wallpaper brushes are made of highly water- and chemical-resistant beech wood, whilst the bristles are a durable blend of natural bristles and polyester. Our wallpaper brushes are 22 cm to 30 cm wide. They have ergonomic shapes, making them easy to hold comfortably.