Infants and toddlers require special attention, which is why we have created a series of products especially for them. Cosmetic brushes for baby hair have been created to make it easier to care for the baby’s head and are essential parts of any layette. Specialists recommend using products such as cosmetic brushes for baby hair , no matter how much hair the child actually has. In order to make the product not only safe, but also pleasant to use, it should have soft-touch, gentle bristles. As a respected manufacturer of cosmetic brushes , we care about our youngest customers, and this led us to create a series of cosmetic brushes for babies’ hair in different shapes, with bristles made of natural Chinese bristles or goat hair.

Cosmetic brushes for baby hair with natural bristles

Cosmetic brushes for baby hair available on the market are made of different types of material. However, to ensure that the little one is not exposed to the harmful effects of plastic, every parent should choose a good quality baby hair brush for the layette. Plastic products can certainly be purchased at a much lower price, but they are not environmentally friendly or healthy for toddlers. Cosmetic baby hair brushes with goat hair make it possible to brush the delicate hairs on the baby’s head painlessly. Moreover, they pleasantly massage the baby’s scalp and, while combing, they strengthen the hair and stimulate its growth. With the right accessories, designed with the little ones in mind, the toddler’s morning and evening hygiene becomes a real pleasure.

Cosmetic hair brush made of natural Chinese bristles

The Polish products, offered by our company, are equipped with bristles made of natural Chinese bristles, among other materials. It’s tougher than goat hair, but soft enough to be great for your child’s scalp and hair care. Cosmetic brushes for baby hair make it easier to brush the hair, give a relaxing scalp massage and help comb out cradle cap. The cosmetic baby hair brushes we offer are equipped with a frame made of solid beech wood which is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The holder is not varnished, making it 100% natural. Choosing the right hair brush for a child is a big challenge for parents. They are the ones who have to make the final decision on what is best for their baby, whether a cosmetic brush for baby hair made of goat hair, natural Chinese bristles or plastic.