In our product portfolio there is a subcategory – other brushes . Its contents comprise small, modest brushes. However, these are very solidly made tools, designed to fight against serious opponents such as rust and stone. As the best brush manufacturer in the country, we recommend products such as wire brushes , which are extremely useful tools for cleaning and maintaining various types of metal parts and machines. The wire brush is a high-performance product, which removes the worst contaminants and deposits from various surfaces. This simple and inexpensive product can greatly facilitate work in the workshop, garage or construction site. Thanks to its design, this brush can thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas, which helps keep machines in good condition and prolong their useful life. The wire brush is ideal for cleaning components such as chains, cogs, gears, sprockets, as well as other metal parts. This product is not only useful in professional workshops, but also at home, e.g. to remove dirt from bicycles, motorcycles or garden tools.

Other brushes – wire brushes for cleaning metal surfaces

The wire brush from our offer is an inexpensive, but very useful product which enables the easy and effective removal of dirt from metal surfaces. It helps keep various machines in good condition and elongates their service life. This product is capable of removing various types of old contaminants from metal parts, such as bolts, nuts and wires. It can also be used to clean tools such as wrenches, hammers and files. However, keep in mind that a wire brush can scratch the metal surface, so be careful and avoid pressing too hard. As a well-known brush manufacturer in the country, for the best results we recommend the use of a wire brush with a suitable cleaning agent.

A finely crafted and effective wire brush

As a reputable Polish manufacturer of wire brushes , we offer products of this kind which are completely safe to use. They brushes are made from natural materials such as beech wood and brass wire which are highly resistant to external factors, as well as to intensive use. Wire brushes can also be used to clean suede or thick velour. They are available in two sizes 16 cm and 19 cm. These are small tools that pack a big punch.