When deciding to choose such products as round brushes , it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. These types of brushes are ideal for painting corners, edges and other hard-to-reach areas which a regular flat brush or roller may not be able to reach, or for doing minor decorative work and painting structural surfaces. Thanks to their shape, round paint brushes enable the precise and even application of oil, emulsion or latex paint, as well as stain or varnish, which makes it possible to attain an aesthetic appearance of the surfaces. Round paint brushes facilitate quick and efficient painting. Moreover, thanks to the round brush tip, the paint can be applied evenly and thus, painting becomes smoother and more enjoyable. The round paint brushes available in our portfolio are very durable and long-lasting.

Round paint brushes – tools for special tasks

Round brushes are very useful and effective tools, which make work easier, enabling you to achieve a professional result. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor wall painting, as well as for covering various objects with paint or varnish, making them versatile painting tools. As a renowned manufacturer of paint brushes , we offer round paint brushes of the best quality. In our assortment there are round brushes of various sizes, which have been designed for a wide range of tasks. They are made of durable high-grade materials that are resistant to wear and tear, chemicals and corrosion. Each has a different color on the tip, denoting the paint or varnish to which it is dedicated. Thanks to the extremely careful finishing and sensational component materials, the round brushes in our portfolio can be used for a very long time.

Round paint brushes – precise and convenient to use

The round paint brushes presented in this category enable you to evenly cover any surface with paint, without streaks and smears. They make painting more precise and less time-consuming, but also save money by using less paint. Our product range includes round brushes with bristles of the following compositions: 100% natural bristles, 20% natural bristles and 80% polyester, 50/50% and polyester only. The handles that these paint brushes are equipped with are made of moisture-protected beech wood or durable polypropylene and elastomer. The ferrule that connects the bristle to the handle is copper or tin-plated steel, which does not rust. Round paint brushes vary in diameter, from 14 to 70 mm. These brushes are an ideal tool for anyone who wants to achieve a professional painting effect.