Our product portfolio includes excellent quality structural rollers . These are tools which are perfect for painting with structural paints. The structural paint rollers which we recommend are made of special porous sponge which means that they leave a characteristic fine texture on the surface during painting. This makes them ideal for achieving truly remarkable effects on the walls. Our structural paint rollers are specialized tools which can be used to give walls a unique character. The structural rollers we offer can be used to paint surfaces in various rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, dining room or bathroom. They can be used to coat both smooth and uneven surfaces with paint, such as plasterwork, concrete and ceramic tiles. With our products, you have the opportunity to enhance any interior with a unique style, which is sure to attract attention.

Structural rollers – helpful in creating original patterns on walls

As a reputable manufacturer of paint rollers , we place great emphasis on the quality of our products, making all painting tools with great care and attention, selecting only the best materials. Structural paint rollers are products which are designed for intensive work in harsh environments, so we strive to make their construction very durable. These products are moltopren rollers with different textures and it should be remembered that they must not come into contact with strong solvents. Thanks to their variety, our structural rollers make it possible to create unique surfaces with original decorative effects on plaster and skim coats.

Structural paint rollers – unique decorations on walls

The roll element of the structural rollers we produce is made of polyester sponge with different pores, whilst the handle is made of galvanized steel with a diameter of 6 mm. The ergonomic holder is made of a very durable plastic or two-component plastic and each one features a functional hole to hang it up. The structural paint rollers we produce are very durable tools, resistant to many external factors and have a large or small structure. Structural paint rollers are practical tools which rule out the need to apply decorative plasters. With their help, you can more easily give your walls a unique look with structural paints.