Our company recommends cosmetic body brushes, which are modern, great quality products. When used regularly the skin becomes well-cared for, smooth and firm. Body cosmetic brushes definitely improve the condition of the skin, and at the same time prepare it for further skin care treatments. All the products we offer are made of high-quality natural materials. They either have a round shape or come with a long, comfortable handle, making them easier to use. As a well-known manufacturer of cosmetic brushes, we recommend these products which are available in various sizes, so that everyone can find a model which suits him or her. Using cosmetic body brushes will help you unwind and relax after a hard day at work, relieving any tension in your muscles.

Cosmetic body brushes – natural bristles

The body cosmetic brushes we produce are characterized by excellent workmanship. They are created from natural materials, with bristles made from cactus fibers, natural Chinese bristles or a mixture of bristles and polyamide. Body cosmetic brushes have densely packed bristles, making them great for bathing and wet or dry body massage. They easily help remove calloused skin and improve blood and lymph circulation, thus preparing the skin for the application of creams, lotions or oils.. The active ingredients of these preparations are much better absorbed after this treatment, so they work much faster and more effectively.

A cosmetic body brush with a comfortable handle.

The high-quality, perfectly shaped cosmetic body brush is usually equipped with a strong beech wood handle in a natural color. Not only does this make it durable and resistant to damage, but its shape fits perfectly in the hand. Among other things, our product range includes round products. Some of them have a fabric strap, which prevents the product from slipping out of the hand during use. Among the products offered, there are also cosmetic body brushes with a long handle, which make it easier to brush hard-to-reach areas, such as the back. In addition to solid beech wood products, our product range includes cosmetic body brushes with plywood holders. They are characterized by high resistance to moisture, so they retain their properties even when wet. These products are resistant to swelling and return to their original dimensions after drying. Brushes with a long handle are equipped with an opening so that they can be hung up.