In an effort to keep the environment clean, it is important to remember to clean not only indoor spaces, offices or industrial plants, but also the surfaces outside them. It is worth using outdoor sweeping brooms for this purpose. Balconies, terraces, yards, sidewalks, driveways, streets, construction sites and industrial plants also require regular cleaning. To meet such a demand, our company also manufactures high-quality brooms for outdoor sweeping . These products are very durable and resistant to all kinds of external factors, especially the weather. Our outdoor brooms are designed to be also very easy to clean.

Outdoor brooms – weather-resistant

Our outdoor brooms are ideal tools for those who want to keep a given yard, sidewalk or driveway, as well as a construction site, in excellent condition. With the help of these products, you can quickly and effectively get rid of leaves, branches, debris, sand, trash, dust and other debris from outdoor surfaces. Our brooms are designed and made with the convenience of their future user in mind. They are created from durable materials, which guarantees their long use. The brooms we create are easy to use and provide great cleaning results Their design is very well thought out by our designers and is based on our company’s years of experience in manufacturing products such as brooms for outdoor sweeping .

Outdoor brooms – designed for different tasks

The outdoor brooms we produce are very solid products. The basis of these products is beech wood which has been well protected from moisture. The bristles are slightly longer and sparser than those used in brooms for indoor use. This is because brooms for indoor use must be designed to collect fine dust particles, while outdoor ones should be able to clean any kinds of debris which must not penetrate their structure, as it will be very difficult to remove. The brooms we recommend for outdoor sweeping have hard-wearing polypropylene bristles. This is a highly wear-resistant material. We offer these products in blue, yellow, red and black and they are available in widths from 32 cm to 52 cm.