Our company recommends perfectly made shoe brushes . Have you ever found your shoes very dusty or looking neglected? Our shoe brushes help you to easily take care of their appearance and keep them clean. Shoe brushes are a great tool for removing dust, mud, stains and other dirt from your shoes. Their special design allows you to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places, both on the external and internal parts of the shoe. As a Polish manufacturer of brushes , we offer products that make your shoes look well cared for, which, in turn, affects your image, as well as extending the service life of the shoes. It is worth noting that our brushes are not only used to clean shoes, but also to care for the leather on furniture, car upholstery and many other surfaces.

Shoe brushes – essential in every home

The shoe brushes we offer are very easy to use. We offer brushes for polishing the leather itself, and for applying polish to the leather and polishing it. All you need to do is to choose a suitable leather care product, apply it to the surface with the small tip of the brush, and then rub it in thoroughly with the other side. This will make your shoes, as well as other products containing natural or organic leather, look like new. As the best brush manufacturer , we offer high-quality shoe brushes in different shapes and sizes. Those to be held directly in the hand are mostly between 12.5 cm and 17.5 cm in length. The shoe brushes we produce with a holder are from 22 cm to 24 cm in length.

Brushes for cleaning and polishing shoes – good to have them

The special design of our shoe brushes enables excellent results every time. As a reputable brush manufacturer , we offer products made of high-quality materials. Our shoe brushes have bristles made of natural horsehair, natural Chinese bristles or durable polypropylene. The frame of these products is made of beech wood which has been well-protected against chemical agents. We recommend shoe brushes with an ergonomic shape, making them comfortable to hold in the hand. The handle also features a special opening which enables the product to be hung up. Some of the brush models are lacquered in exceptionally beautiful colors.