Aa well-known manufacturer of painting tools , we offer high-quality paint protection covers . This is a product which is sure to make your painting easier and protect your furniture or floors from being stained with paint or other substances. Paint protection covers are special sheets, which are can be used to protect furniture, floors or other surfaces from accidental stains and contaminants that may arise during the painting process. Thanks to the fact that they are very easy to use and save time, which usually has to be spent on removing equipment from renovated rooms, our paint protection covers have been very popular for years. These products are very durable and tightly adhere to surfaces. With them painting is faster and more efficient.

Paint protection covers – essential for any painting job

The paint protection covers we produce are ideal for painting walls, doors, furniture, floors or ceilings. These products are also very useful during various types of renovations or for mere decorative changes in the rooms in question. If you are planning to drill into walls, want to sand the floor or eliminate any of the walls in a given interior, the paint protection covers we offer will help you to keep the room clean while you carry out these jobs. They will also be helpful if you plan to replant flowers growing on the terrace or balcony. Paint protection covers from our offer are very strong and you can freely protect the ground with them, too, without worrying about tearing them.

Paint protection covers – made of very durable materials

Thanks to our paint protection covers, you can avoid unnecessary costs associated with cleaning surfaces soiled with paint or other substances, as well as buying new furniture or other equipment on which non-washable stains have formed. Therefore, if you are planning to carry out any renovations or painting jobs, our paint protection covers will certainly be an indispensable element. In our assortment you will find extremely strong yet thin paint protection covers of various sizes and packaged in different quantities. These products are made of low-density polyethylene – LDPE 0.05 mm or high-density polyethylene – HDPE 0.007 mm. The paint protection covers found in one package are able to cover, up to 60 m2 of surface. The smallest of which covers 10 m2. The product can be easily rolled up after the work is done and thrown in the garbage, or reused after cleaning.