Choosing the right tool to paint a given surface is crucial to achieving the desired effect. This is why oval brushes are so popular among professionals. Oval paint brushes are tools with exceptional properties, with the help of which even and smooth wall finishes can quickly be achieved. They are also suitable for painting window and door woodwork. Oval brushes are ideal for those who want to do the job quickly and effectively. Their special shape allows the paint or varnish to spread evenly over the surface, which reduces painting time and the risk of streaks or unevenness. Oval paint brushes are multifunctional – they can be used for both emulsion and oil paints, as well as for varnish or stain.

Oval brushes – practical and comfortable to use

Oval brushes are excellent tools which make painting easier and more efficient. The high-quality oval paint brushes we offer save time and money while guaranteeing an even and smooth finish. The oval brushes we offer are ideal for painting larger areas, such as walls and ceilings, but they are also great for painting details and hard-to-reach areas. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a variety of brush sizes and bristle types. In our assortment we have oval paint brushes with both natural and artificial bristles, which means the tools can be chosen to suit the type of paint and user requirements. It is worth noting that the oval paint brushes which we have available are extremely resistant to wear, so they can be used many times.

Oval paint brushes – perfectly crafted

The quality of the results of the work, depends on the quality of the tools chosen to perform the job in hand. As an established manufacturer of paint brushes , we offer only the highest quality products. We work hard to ensure that our contractors have the opportunity to choose top-of-the-line products. We pay attention to the components of the tools we produce. The oval paint brushes in our assortment have bristles made of either 100% natural bristles or a combination of natural and artificial bristles, in a 20/80% or 50/50% ratio. The oval paint brushes we recommend have handles made of natural beech wood, protected against water, durable plastic or polypropylene and elastomer, all of which are comfortable to use. These oval paint brushes are equipped with copper-plated steel ferrules in diameters from 30 mm to 60 mm. The brushes have marked tips, in conformity with the type of product for which they are intended.