If you are looking for a tool which will make painting walls easier, the flat brushes we offer will certainly meet your expectations. Flat paint brushes are the perfect tool for anyone who wants to attain a beautiful and even coat of paint. Thanks to the flat head, painting is much easier and more precise. The flat paint brushes in our product portfolio are made of high-quality natural bristles or excellent synthetic fiber, or a combination of both, which ensures their exceptional durability and high resistance to wear. In our assortment we have flat brushes which have been designed for different types of tasks. As a reputable manufacturer of paint brushes , we care about the quality of our products.

Flat brushes – excellent painting tools for paint, primer and varnish

What distinguishes the flat brushes we offer is their ease of use, which allows for quick and precise painting, thus saving time and effort for the person using them. Flat paint brushes from our assortment enable the even distribution of paint or other products, which guarantees the professional appearance of painted surfaces, without any streaks or bristles. These fabulous flat paint brushes are reusable products, which means they can be used again for subsequent tasks and the high-quality materials ensure their exceptional durability. The flat brushes we offer are ideal for painting with different types of paints, varnishes, stains and also for impregnating. They are great for painting large areas and for the precise painting of edges and corners.

Flat paint brushes – tools made of the highest quality materials

As a respected manufacturer of paint brushes , we have only tried and tested products in our assortment. High-quality materials have been used to manufacture these brushes which have a range of bristles with the following compositions: 100% natural bristles, 20% natural bristles and 80% polyester, 50/50 and 100% polyester. The handles of the flat paint brushes can be made of well-impregnated beech wood, sturdy plastic or super-strong materials such as polypropylene and elastomer. The handle is connected to the bristles by an extremely durable element in the form of a nickel-plated or tin-plated, corrosion-resistant steel ferrule. The flat brushes we offer have colored tips appropriate for the types of paints and varnishes for which they are intended. These products are available in widths from 20 mm to 102 mm.