We offer paint buckets , which are indispensable in the work of any painter. These multi-purpose products are ideal when doing renovation work. Our paint buckets can be used as an alternative to paint trays, which is where the paint or varnish is placed. These products are also suitable for carrying water or mixing mortar or various types of wall primers. The paint buckets we offer can also serve as a convenient container for washing and cleaning, as well as holding and carrying various tools and accessories required for painting. With the help of a paint bucket , you can also get rid of debris from various renovated surfaces. The buckets we recommend are suitable for various sizes of paint rollers.

Paint buckets – durable multi-purpose tools

As a well-known manufacturer of painting tools , we offer only high-quality products. This attribute also distinguishes our paint buckets . These products are meticulously made from high-quality polypropylene, which shows high resistance to mechanical damage caused by intensive use. It is also a material which does not react with any chemicals contained in commonly used painting products. The paint buckets we offer are also highly resistant to changing weather conditions which means that they neither crack nor deform under their influence. They are reusable tools, which can be stored after cleaning on the balcony, in the basement or in the garage.

Paint buckets useful in any renovation project

The paint buckets in our product portfolio are available in various shapes. These products can be round or rectangular and come in various capacities, from 8 to 15 liters. The paint buckets we offer have sturdy steel handles, allowing them to be carried at any time. Our buckets are lightweight products, so they do not add to the weight to carry. One of our paint grids can be fitted to the rectangular buckets so then you can be sure that there will be the right amount of paint on the roller used for painting. The paint buckets we recommend are stable, which means that they stand evenly on the ground. Their large capacity ensures the quick completion of painting jobs.