Our company produces excellent brushes for scrubbing various surfaces, both domestic and industrial. Cleaning often requires the use of special tools, which facilitate the removal of old dirt which is difficult to clean. If you are faced with such a situation, then our scrubbing brushes will be the perfect solution for you. With these products you can forget about tiring and time-consuming cleaning, because with our products it can be done faster and easier. Scrubbing brushes from our offer will come in handy both at home and in an industrial plant. We have dedicated tools for each of these places.

Scrubbing brushes – helpful in every home and work place

As the best brush manufacturer in the country, we offer scrubbing brushes characterized by a variety of sizes and shapes. Therefore, they are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as corners, recesses, or irregularly shaped surfaces. One of their greatest strengths is their versatility. Our scrubbing brushes can be used for cleaning home surfaces, such as panels, tiles or sinks, and also for industrial ones, such as floors in halls, warehouses or auto repair shops. Brushes with different levels of bristle hardness can be used for household tasks. Scrubbing brushes with soft bristles are suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as kitchen countertops or ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Industrial surfaces, such as concrete or stone, should be cleaned using brushes with harder bristles.

Brushes for scrubbing various surfaces – durable and robust

Scrubbing brushes should be distinguished by their adequately robust construction. The products we offer, as a reputable brush manufacturer , are made with special diligence, which means that the bristles do not fall out of them and the holders do not delaminate when exposed to water and detergents. Our scrubbing brushes are often used to remove stubborn dirt, and their design is adapted to heavy industrial tasks. The brushes which we offer have holders made of extremely durable beech wood and the bristles are of sturdy polyamide or polypropylene. Their width ranges from 11 cm to 20.5 cm.