Our product portfolio includes a practical-to-use product – corner paint brushes . If you’re looking for a tool which will make it easier to paint hard-to-reach surfaces, e.g. radiators and the spaces behind them, we have just what you need. The corner brushes we offer are the ideal tool for anyone who wants to paint with precision not only awkwardly accessible sections of walls, but also any small surfaces, wooden and metal. With high-quality, natural bristles and a special flat and angled handle design, our corner paint brushes also enable you to accurately apply paint to areas such as edges and corners. Additionally, corner paint brushes are very easy to use and definitely speed up the process.

Corner brushes – design, making it easier to paint hard-to-reach areas

As a reputable manufacturer of paint brushes , we make sure that our corner paint brushes are effective in covering any surface evenly, enabling professional results. In addition, due to their special design, corner brushes reduce the amount of paint needed to cover a surface, which means lower costs. The corner paint brushes we offer are very versatile since they are suitable for painting a variety of fine and intricate areas, making it possible to apply a thinner coat of paint. These are, for example, all kinds of welds, rivets or heads. These are excellent tools for polyurethane, styrene, polyvinyl, acrylic or nitrocellulose paints. The corner paint brushes we offer are long and flat, so you can work with them quickly, using one-sided movements, which is necessary when working with fast-drying formulations.

Corner paint brushes – top quality and precision craftsmanship

The corner brushes for painting that we produce are distinguished by their exceptional resistance to various external factors, all thanks to the use of high-quality materials for their production. Our product portfolio includes corner paint brushes which feature natural bristles and handles made of extremely durable beech wood. The ferrules for these products are made of tin-plated stainless steel. Our range includes corner brushes of various sizes, from 25 mm to 63 mm wide. As a respected manufacturer of paint brushes , we make sure that the corner brushes we produce have a long service life.