As the best brush manufacturer in Poland, our website would be incomplete without the specialized products which are available in our extensive portfolio. These include, among other items, tar brushes, which are used for spreading tar and related substances both cold and hot. These brushes are indispensable when tar paper is being applied or when roof repairs and foundation insulation are being carried out. Our tar brushes are suitable for heavy-duty use, in contact with extremely hot substances. Therefore, we make sure that tar brushes are made of the best materials, resistant to various external factors. We offer these products at a very attractive wholesale price.

Tar brushes – extremely durable tools

As a Polish manufacturer of brushes , we offer products whose high quality is largely due to the use of fully natural materials in the manufacturing process. Therefore, these are also completely ecological tar brushes . When worn out and destined for disposal, they do not pollute the environment. The process of spreading such substances as tar is extremely difficult and dangerous. At the high temperatures reached by heated tar, tools made of plastic could simply melt. A person who works with the application of tar paper or other hot products has an extremely difficult task to accomplish and needs professional tools to do it. Our tar brushes fulfill this task 100%. These products are manufactured very professionally.

Tar brushes – eco-friendly products

As a reputable brush manufacturer, we offer tar brushes with and without a stick. These products are perfectly made, with attention to precise finishing and the material used in their production. The holder of the tar brush is made of natural beech wood while the bristles are specially made of selected coconut fiber. This is an extremely durable material that can withstand high temperatures. The tar brushes offered by the company are 30 cm wide with a bristle length of 7 cm. We offer them with a 160 cm long stick.. These tools are sure to do an excellent job the work carried out with them will be less tiresome and more effective.