If you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective tool which can effectively help wash your vehicle, then the car wash brushes we manufacture are the perfect solution for you. Using these products guarantees saving work and time. It takes much longer and is harder to wash your car with only a bucket of water and a regular brush. As the best manufacturer of brushes in the country, we offer the highest quality car washing brushes , designed in such a way that they enable the thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach places, such as any cavities like wheel arches. The brushes we offer are made of durable and long-lasting materials, so they can be used for a long time without worrying that they will lose their properties. The products we produce contribute to keeping the vehicle in question clean and shiny, which not only makes it look good, but means that it also retains its value.

Car wash brushes – a practical and versatile solution

As a well-known Polish brush manufacturer, the car wash brushes which we recommend , are easy to use and no special skills are required. All you need to do is screw a suitable rubber hose to the brush and connect it to a water tap. The brushes we recommend can be used to wash different types of surfaces, not only a car, but also garden furniture or construction machinery. The car washing brushes we produce constitute an indispensable part of any kit for the care of a vehicle. They are made very carefully and are resistant to external influences, such as strong sunlight.

Car wash brushes – excellent quality

As a reputable brush manufacturer , we offer only the best quality car washing brushes , which will not scratch the surface of any body parts. Our tools have soft fibers, which are gentle to the paint, but at the same time effectively remove any dirt, such as insects stuck to the hood, or annoying traces of bird droppings. Our car washing brushes have a holder made of sturdy, durable plastic and their bristles are a mixture of natural horsehair and polypropylene. The tapering shape of the holder, which is 30 cm long, makes it possible to clean even hard-to-reach parts of vehicles, not only cars, but also motorcycles, bicycles or forklifts.