Do you have trouble washing bottles thoroughly? Are you annoyed by the fact that residues of liquids or food remain inside? Our bottle cleaning brushes are the perfect solution for you! Washing bottles with them is easier and more effective. As the best manufacturer of brushes, we offer exceptional products, because they are not only practical to use, but also made of the best materials. Our brushes have a special design, which makes it possible to clean thoroughly, even the entire bottom of the item. The bristles of our products do not scratch the glass, yet they work very effectively as they are stiff enough to remove all the dirt. With the help of our tools, such as bottle brushes , you will save money and reduce waste by reusing thoroughly cleaned bottles.

Bottle brushes – will clean every nook and cranny of these items

Bottles cleaned with the help of tools produced by us, such as bottle brushes , are perfectly cleaned from food and liquid residues, which has a positive impact on hygiene and aesthetic appearance. The bottle brushes we offer, are perfect for cleaning baby bottles, sports bottles, coffee or tea thermoses or narrow and high flower vases, which are difficult to wash with a regular kitchen sponge. We offer you, as a Polish manufacturer of brushes , excellent tools for removing any dirt from the inside of various types of bottles.

Bottle brushes – products made with great care

As a reputable brush manufacturer, we highly recommend the sensational bottle brushes in our extensive product portfolio,. Each brush features bristles which have been carefully chosen to ideally deal with the tasks that the product has been designed for. In our product offer, we have brushes of various sizes, including brushes for cleaning graduated cylinders or demijohns. Their construction is very simple. Bristles are screwed into twisted galvanized wire and for different sizes and types of bottles the bristles are assigned adequately. We offer tools of this kind with horsehair, natural Chinese bristles and polyamide. These bottle brushes are made very carefully and are easy to keep clean, which is a guarantee that no bacteria or mold forms on them.