In order to meet the needs of our customers, we decided to enrich our portfolio with products such as brushes for various purposes. For years we have been engaged in the development of such tools, which are useful in various places and used to perform a vast array of activities. As a reputable manufacturer of brushes , we strive to ensure that they are made of the best materials. With environmental concerns in mind, we mainly use natural raw materials such as beech wood and natural bristles. Our brushes are renowned for their careful craftsmanship, with attention to every detail, making them excellent value for money. The perfect finish of these products makes our brushes very durable, easy to clean and they do not attract dust or dirt as they do not electrify. In our offer we have brushes dedicated to different tasks.

Brushes – simple and multifunctional tools

As a well-known Polish brush manufacturer , we produce brushes which are distinguished by their ergonomic shape and very good performance. In our assortment we have may products such as: brushes for shoes, for cleaning baths and bathrooms, for scrubbing, for toilets, for wallpaper, for clothes and for animals. We also offer boot brushes , milking can brushes, bottle brushes, car brushes, ceiling brushes, masonry brushes, as well as shoe paste brushes. These products are characterized by resistance to various external factors. The brushes are made from specially impregnated beech wood and high-quality, mostly natural bristles, which are firmly set in wooden holders. This makes the brushes extremely durable products which can serve users for a long time.

Durable brushes made of excellent components

The brushes we produce are made from materials carefully selected and chosen adequately for the intended use of the product. Our offer includes brushes which are made of natural materials and feature bristles made from a mixture of coconut fiber and polypropylene, natural Chinese bristles, horsehair and polypropylene, polyamide, cactus fiber and even brass wire, among other material. Our brushes are characterized by high wear resistance. The beech wood used for the holders, which most of our products have, is perfectly polished, so there is no worry about someone being injured by a splinter while using them. Our brushes are products which have built the reputation of our company in the domestic and foreign markets. Today Befaszczot is the undisputed best brush manufacturer.