Our paint grids are highly recommended. This is practical equipment, used to remove excess paint from paint rollers, during painting. The use of these tools can be of great benefit, both for professional painters and amateurs. Our paint grids enable the removal of excess paint from paint rollers in a simple but effective way. This makes painting easier, and the paint is applied evenly to the surfaces, resulting in a better final effect. Using a paint grid also saves paint because when it is removed from the roller, it flows into the paint tray underneath and can then be reused. Painting grids are especially useful when painting large areas, such as walls, ceilings or building facades. They make it possible to attain an even and aesthetically pleasing coverage of the surface, without the need for touch-ups or subsequent layers of paint.

Paint grids – helpful for painting with a paint roller

As a respected manufacturer of painting tools , we recommend the painting grids we produce. These are indispensable tools, which guarantee a better final painting effect, paint savings and convenience in their use. It goes without saying that more than once you have been annoyed that while painting, the paint drips from the roller or drips down your hand. Did you rub the roller against the paint container, but it only ended up messing up everything around it? Our painting grids are there to avoid this kind of situation. Made of very solid materials, they do not break when pressed and can be stably attached to the paint tray. The painting grids we offer are extremely practical tools, which will come in handy during any kind of painting.

Paint grids – extremely solidly built

Removing excess paint from rollers with the help of products such as our paint grids is very easy and fast. How does it work? Paint grids have a specially designed surface, which easily removes excess paint from the paint roller. Just drag the roller over the grid, pressing lightly, and the excess paint will be squeezed out and run off into the container on which the grid is attached. This ensures that the roller is ready for use in no time, with the appropriate amount of paint. No streaks or stains will form on the painted surface. Our paint grids are made of durable polypropylene. These products are very sturdy and do not break under pressure. They are compatible with the paint containers available in our offer.