Among the many products available in our assortment, we recommend our unique cosmetic hand brushes . These are products which significantly facilitate hand hygiene. With these small bathroom accessories, the user can precisely and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas on the hands and feet. Our products are characterized by excellent quality, so that, even despite the passage of time, they retain their aesthetic appearance. The cosmetic hand brushes are made of natural components, so you can be sure that they are not harmful to your health. The cosmetic hand brushes are available as rectangular single-sided or double-sided products for both men and women and are sure to prove invaluable when cleaning hands after such work as gardening, car repairs or cleaning the basement.

Cosmetic hand brushes – one-sided product with durable holder

  Cosmetic hand brushes made of wood always look very fashionable. Our products are made of hard, moisture-resistant beech wood and natural bristles. One of our many products are one-sided cosmetic hand brushes with a length of10 cm, a width of 4 cm and a thickness of 3.5 cm. Convenient to use, they are great not only for bathing, but also for dry use. They are equipped with natural bristles, made of natural Chinese bristles which are hard, yet extremely elastic. This product does not deform and does not soften excessively when soaking in water. In addition to cosmetic hand brushes with natural bristles, our range also includes products with cactus fiber bristles.

Double-sided cosmetic hand brushes

As a well-known manufacturer of cosmetic brushes , we also recommend practical double-sided cosmetic brushes for hands and nails made of natural Chinese bristles and cactus fiber. One side of the bristles is designed for general hand cleaning, while the other side has a short and narrow strand of bristles, ideal for grooming under the nails. Rectangular cosmetic brushes for hands and nails are available in a natural color. The double-sided products we offer are 3.5 cm thick, 10 cm long and 4 cm wide which means that they are not very large, and very comfortable to hold in the hand. You can easily fit them in any makeup bag, which is why they are gladly taken on camping trips, so that you can take care of the hygiene of your hands and feet every day.