Our company highly recommends very good quality small block paint brushes . These painting tools, manufactured by us, are the ideal choice for those who wish to achieve fast and efficient results in painting work. Like regular block paint brushes , small block paint brushes are designed specifically for painting large surfaces, such as walls, ceilings or even floors. Thanks to their width, they allow a larger area to be coated with paint or glue at a time, resulting in savings of time and energy. Additionally, their sturdy and wear-resistant design ensures that they last a long time and are easy to clean after use. Small block paint brushes are a good choice for professional painters who need an efficient, quality tool so that they can provide their customers with the best results.

Small block paint brushes – tools with solid construction

A reputable manufacturer of paint brushes , as we are recognized on the market, should care about the best quality of its products. That is why we always try to stay ahead of our competitors in terms of the raw materials used in the production of our entire range. The bristles of the small block paint brushes we offer are very dense and firmly set in the holder, which means that they do not fall out. Our products are also distinguished by the wood used to make the handles. It is highly resistant to external factors, especially moisture. Tin-plated steel is, according to our specialists, the best solution for painting tools because it is a stainless steel raw material and resistant to a variety of chemicals. Thanks to these materials, the small block paint brushes we manufacture are extremely durable tools which can be used for a long time.

Small block paint brushes – dedicated to various tasks

The small block brushes we offer are designed for different tasks and to distinguish them in this respect, the tips of their handles are different colors depending on the job they are intended for. Small block paint brushes are available in our offer with different bristles . We offer these tools equipped with bristles of the following composition: 100% natural, 20% natural and 80% synthetic bristles, 50/50 mix, as well as completely synthetic bristles made of polyester. Small block paint brushes differ from regular bench brushes as they feature a wide tinned steel ferrule in their construction. This is a very solid part of these brushes, which firmly bonds the holder to the bristles. Our small block paint brushes have special plastic handles for hanging them on a bucket of paint or glue. We offer these products in widths from 70 mm to 150 mm.