Befaszczot is a manufacturer of paint rollers , and also the various holder frames and handles for them. In the ” Other ” subcategory, you can find high-quality handles, or paint rollers with handles, designed with special tasks in mind. There are also standard-length handles, which can be matched to the rollers themselves, which can also be found in our extensive offer. Our holder frames are designed specifically to facilitate the painting process and provide a comfortable and secure grip on tools such as paint rollers . With our holders, painting becomes much easier and more precise, enabling professional work results to be achieved. The holder frames we produce fit most of the rollers on the market and are made of high-quality materials, which ensure their durability and reliability. The holders are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different requirements.

Other accessories for roller painting – useful items and tools

In this sub-category we have also included paint rollers with longer handles, which make it possible to paint surfaces located, for example, at a height or behind some obstacles. We also offer paint rollers whose roller elements have specific shapes. Thanks to their design, they can be used to paint hard-to-reach places. All our accessories for tools such as paint rollers are finished with great precision, using only very durable materials. We also take care of the aesthetics of these products. Paint rollers and the holder frames for them have very attractive, intense colors which makes them easy to find during renovation or restoration tasks.

Custom paint rollers – useful in various situations

Our custom paint rollers are available in lengths from 45 cm to 170 cm with a stick. We also offer longer grip handles for rollers which range from 40 cm to 46 cm. Our assortment also includes plastic handles for rollers, non-slip holders, cage frames with aluminum wire, and also special rollers for painting corners, with a round roll. Additionally, we recommend pressure paint rollers , which are suitable for pressing wallpaper against the walls, which squeezes out air bubbles and excess glue from underneath. All paint rollers and accessories in this category are top-quality products, fully functional and very durable, which perfectly fulfills their role.