Another excellent product in our portfolio is the block paint brush . If you’re looking for tools to make painting walls and other large surfaces easier, you’ve just found them! Block paint brushes are effective for even painting in a short time. Thanks to the specially designed, large width, the block paint brushes cover a significant area of the wall at once, which speeds up the painting process. Additionally, these brushes are easy to use and do not require special skills to use them. These tools are mostly used for painting walls, but are ideal for ceilings too. Block paint brushes are also used for priming surfaces and dusting them off before finishing works. Furthermore, they can be used to apply various types of adhesives, paint facades or uneven surfaces.

Block paint brushes – a versatile tool for many tasks

Using the block paint brushes we manufacture, any large surface can be coated with paint or glue, giving a perfect end result. Thus, painting walls becomes not only less tiring and easier, but also faster. The block paint brushes which we have available are suitable for both water-based and solvent-based paints. It is worth remembering that block brushes have long bristles, which are mostly natural. These products are unlikely to be used for painting very smooth surfaces, as they can leave a fine streak, due to the number of long bristles. Instead, they are ideal for preliminary work. The block paint brushes we recommend will prove to be sensational tools for priming or applying glue.

Block paint brushes – made of natural materials

As a reputable manufacturer of paint brushes , we perfectly understand the importance of the quality of materials used to create such tools as paint brushes. They are subject to intense chemical and moisture exposure. Therefore, the raw materials used in the production of our products, are extremely strong and durable. For tools such as block paint brushes , the type of bristles is extremely important. The block paint brushes we offer have 100% natural bristles and the are made of durable beech wood. The block paint brushes in our assortment have special hooks, which allow them to be firmly placed on the rim of a bucket of paint or glue and are available in widths from 190 mm to 195 mm. By using these tools in your painting work, you will achieve a satisfying end result.