If you are looking for practical products, such as brushes for sweeping small areas, then you have just found what you need! Our brushes are perfect for sweeping in apartments, hotel rooms, offices, and other places where you need a quick and easy method to keep things clean. These brushes work in a simple but effective way because their various fibers remove dust, dirt, debris or crumbs from the floor without damaging its surface. They easily and quickly collect all types of impurities, so that users of the premises can enjoy cleanliness and tidiness at home or at work. With products such as brushes , you can save energy and money by not having to use vacuum cleaners. Our short-handled brooms are also convenient and easy to use, and their small size makes them easy to store anywhere.

Brushes – simple tools for keeping rooms clean

Our sweeping brushes can be used to clean different types of surfaces, such as wood floors, panels, stoneware or ceramic tiles, and paving stones. They can be used indoors and outdoors. The width of the brushes depends on what surface they are to clean. For example, small short-handled brooms are more handy and easier to use, so they are more suitable for small spaces. We offer various types of sweeping brushes, including a brush with a long pole, brushes with natural or artificial bristles, as well as with or without a dustpan included in the kit. There is an appropriate type of brush to suit everybody’s needs and preferences in our product range. . All of these products are made with care and are very durable, which guarantees their long span.

Hand brooms – practical to use

The sweeping short-handled brooms available in our product portfolio are available in different lengths, made of different materials and specially designed for different tasks. Our assortment includes eco-friendly brushes, which are based on treated beech wood, while the bristles are made, for example, from natural sugar palm fiber, horsehair, natural coconut fiber or palm leaf fiber. We also have short-handled brooms with artificial bristles made of polyamide or 100 PET. Our dustpan and brush kits are made of durable plastic in intense colors and are intended for use in residential areas, offices and at work. They are small in size, so they are not difficult to store. The length of the short-handled brooms ranges from 31 cm to 37 cm.