Painting various surfaces, is a common activity in the field of construction, renovation, restoration and other works. The paint brushes we offer are primarily high-end tools dedicated to professionals who are aware of what paint brushes are appropriate when painting on various surfaces. However, with so many brushes and so many types available on the market today, choosing the right one can really be a challenge. As a reputable manufacturer of paint brushes , in order to meet the needs of our customers we have made sure that the most popular, high-quality paint brushes are included in our product portfolio.

Brushes – a full range of excellent paint brushes for various purposes

In our assortment we have a full range of top-quality paint brushes for various tasks. We especially recommend excellent paint brushes made of 100% natural bristles, which are suitable for painting with solvent and oil-based paints. It is worth knowing that these types of brushes, hold more paint during painting and it is evenly distributed with their help. We also offer superb paint brushes with predominantly synthetic bristles, which are ideal for water-based paints because they are more durable and do not absorb water. The surface to be painted is also of great importance when choosing products such as paint brushes . Therefore, we recommend soft bristle brushes for smooth surfaces and stiffer paint brushes for textured walls. It is also easier to paint a large area with a wide paint brush, which can also be found in this category.

Paint brushes – ideal multifunctional tools

We offer sensational, multi-purpose paint brushes . Our assortment includes flat brushes, round brushes, corner brushes, oval brushes, decorative brushes and block brushes. Each brush is distinguished by its different construction and purpose. Oval paint brushes , make it possible to paint with water-based paints and they are used to precisely separate colors on painted surfaces. Angle brushes come in handy for more accurate painting, such as the ceiling, without straining your wrists. The block paint brushes we offer are wide tools, which can be successfully used for priming walls and also dusting them off before starting finishing work. As a reputable manufacturer of paint brushes , we present only the best quality products in our offer, recommended by our regular contractors.