We would like to introduce you to the great painting tools we produce, which are flock rollers for painting various surfaces. These are fantastic products, which ensure excellent results due to the rollers covered with a special flock fabric with microscopic hairs. They exhibit the ability to adhere very precisely to any surface, thanks to which the flock rollers allow you to achieve a perfectly smooth and uniform coat of paint on any surface One of the greatest advantages that our flock paint rollers have is their perfect workmanship.

Flock rollers – versatile painting tools

The flock paint rollers we manufacture can be used to paint a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete and many others. They are ideal for covering large surfaces, such as floors, with paint or varnish, but also small ones, such as doors. In addition, flock rollers are very easy to use and clean. With them, you can achieve excellent painting results, without imperfections such as bubbles and streaks. Flock paint rollers also make it possible to achieve uniform colors, even when painting on dark surfaces. The flock fabric on their surface ensures that no air bubbles appear on the roller during painting because they are pierced by the miniature hairs of this fabric. Our flock rollers are also very durable and long-lasting.

Flock paint rollers – perfect for smooth painting

As a reputable manufacturer of paint rollers , we strive to ensure that our flock rollers are painting tools that are distinguished by the very high quality end results of the surfaces on which they are used. Flock paint rollers are particularly useful for painting window and door frames, as well as for refinishing furniture, as they enable the precise and even application of paint or varnish on their surface. Flock rollers found in our product range are tools designed for painting with water-based varnishes, stains and varnishes. They are not products for tasks with aggressive solvents. We offer both polyurethane ester foam rollers alone, in various lengths and diameters, as well as rollers with a handle, or paint rollers , complete with a container for paint or varnish.