Our company produces sensational sponge rollers for painting various surfaces. Our sponge paint rollers are ideal for making the painting process much faster, more economical and more precise. How does our product work? Sponge rollers are made of soft foam, which effectively absorbs the substance and allows it to be spread evenly over the surface. This means that your furniture, doors, ceiling or floors look professionally finished. The sponge paint rollers we offer save time and energy, as painting with them is much simpler, cleaner and takes less time. The sponge rollers we manufacture are tools of the highest quality. This is due to their careful workmanship and the excellent materials from which they are made. They are very durable, so they can be used repeatedly, always ensuring a sensational end result.

Sponge rollers – solid painting tools

When choosing sponge paint rollers , it is worth keeping in mind a few important points. These tools are usually used to apply paint or varnish to less uniform surfaces, such as wood, brick or stone, for example. Therefore, sponge rollers should be used in order to attain an even coverage on irregularly textured surfaces. They are softer and more elastic than traditional synthetic or natural bristle rollers . As a result, they can precisely adapt to the shape of the surface, which affects the quality of the work. In our offer we have sponge paint rollers , specially designed for various types of surfaces.

Sponge paint rollers – suitable for structured surfaces

As a respected manufacturer of paint rollers , we care about the quality of our products and so place an emphasis on the properties of the materials from which they are made. We produce sponge rollers of different thicknesses and widths. For high-density varnishes or paints, we recommend using a larger diameter roller, while for thinner paints, smaller sponge rollers work better. Our sponge paint rollers are made of durable polyurethane ester foam, a sturdy 6mm thick galvanized steel element and a strong holder made of durable plastic. In our assortment we have sponge paint rollers both with and without a handle, and they also come complete with a paint container. They are designed for painting with both solvent-based and water-based paints.