Maintaining cleanliness in areas where people live and work is of utmost importance. A tried and tested way to clean residential, office or industrial areas properly is to use an indoor broom. Brooms of this type, which are carefully made by us, perform this task perfectly and a wide range of them are offered in our product portfolio. They are manufactured from the best traditional materials, which we have been using for years as the basic materials for equipment such as indoor brooms . We offer brooms mainly in their classic, traditional form, which have proven themselves in everyday use for centuries. Their width depends on what kind of surface is to be cleaned. We offer brooms for use indoors with a width of 32 cm to 62 cm.

Brooms for use indoors – useful in any home, office or industrial plant

The indoor brooms offered in our product portfolio are characterized by their durability. The materials used in their production are durable beech wood, well protected against moisture and chemicals, high-grade natural bristles and very durable artificial bristles. The brooms in this subcategory are mostly available without sticks, which are offered separately. The indoor brooms we produce have classic, traditional shapes. They are available in different widths and with different lengths of bristles. We strive to ensure that our products are not disposables, so we choose the most durable raw materials for their manufacture. We rely mostly on natural materials, thus taking care of the environment.

Brooms for indoor use – great quality equipment

The indoor brooms we produce are distinguished by their very precise workmanship with the perfect. The bristles are firmly attached to the brooms, which means that they do not fall out even after using the broom for a very long time. We use treated beech wood in these products, but we also offer products of this kind made of durable plastic with screw-on poles. The indoor brooms we recommend are made with materials such as horsehair, coconut fiber, 100% PET, palm leaf fiber, polypropylene, rice straw or sugar palm fiber. As you can see, in most of the models, our brooms are 100% organic products.